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All participants in our research should be assured that confidentiality will be respected.

No information that discloses the identity of the participant will be communicated without consent unless required by law. In the event that an adolescent indicates that he or she might do serious harm to him/herself or to others, or that he or she is (in danger of) being harmed, we will inform his/her parents and the appropriate professionals, and/or make a report to appropriate child protection agencies.

The results from the study will be used for research purposes only. Only group data will be presented when the results of the study are published. Permission and signed consent of the adolescent and his/her parents (for those under age 18) will be required to distribute any information contained in the files to another professional involved in an adolescent’s case.

The research data will be stored in locked files in Dr. Wiener’s ADHD laboratory at OISE/UT. Only the investigators and Dr. Wiener’s graduate students and research assistants will have access to these files. Each file will be assigned an identification number and all names and identifying information will be removed to assure anonymity in computer files. Data will be stored in locked files for a period of 10 years.