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Clarisa Markel, M.A.

Clarisa Markel I am a PhD student in the School and Clinical Child Psychology Program at OISE/University of Toronto. My research investigates parent-adolescent conflict and the attributions (beliefs) that parents and teens have for that conflict. My M.A. thesis results indicated that adolescents with ADHD and their parents report having conflicts with each other about more issues than other teens and their parents. Adolescents who blamed their parents for the conflict and indicated that conflict occurred in many contexts reported that they had conflict over more issues than other adolescents. Fathers who believed that the conflict with their teens with ADHD occurred in many contexts and will be stable over time reported conflict over a greater number of issues with their sons and daughters. Fathers of teens without ADHD who had lots of conflict with their sons or daughters, on the other hand, blamed their teens for the conflict. Mothers’ beliefs were not associated with number of conflicts. This research is important because understanding the nature of family relationship problems of adolescents with ADHD might inform interventions that might improve their relationships.