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Research In Press

  1. Barrera, M., Yogalingam, P., Hancock, K., Rokeach, A., Johnston, D., et al. (2014). Health Care Professionals (HCPs) Knowledge of Psychosocial Problems in Pediatric Cancer: A Pilot Study. Psycho-Oncology (In press).
  2. Marton, I., Wiener, J., Rogers, M., & Moore, C. (in press). Friendship characteristics of children with ADHD. Journal of Attention Disorders, DOI: 10.1177/1087054712458971. Advance online publication.
  3. Mishna, F., Muskat, B. Farnia, F., & Wiener, J. (in press). The effects of a school-based program on the reported self-advocacy knowledge of students with learning disabilities. Alberta Journal of Educational Research.