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Research Submitted

  1. Chivers, M. L., Seto, M.C., Roy, C., & Grimbos, T. (submitted). Gender Similarities in the Specificity of Sexual Responses to Preferred and Non-Preferred Sexual Activities.
  2. Grimbos, T., Granic, I. & Pepler, D. J. (revised and re-submitted). Co-rumination and Problem-Solving Processes in Dysphoric Mothers and their Clinically Referred Aggressive Children.
  3. Grimbos, T., & Granic, I. (submitted). Treating Comorbid Children: The Impact of Reductions in Parent-Child Co-rumination and Maternal Depression on Child Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms.
  4. Martinussen, R., Ferrari, J., & Grimbos, T. (submitted). Exploring the Effects of Inattention and Naming Speed on First Grade Students’ Reading Achievement.