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Executive Functioning/Learning Skills

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Annotated Independent Reading (AIR)

A reading activity for children grade 4 to 12 based on recording the main idea of a passage read and predicting plot development.

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CALL-UP and “A” NOTES - Mnemonic Devices for Notetaking

Mneumonic devices assist students in grade 7 to high school to take effective notes in classes which employ a lecture format.

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A software program designed for school-aged children and adolescents with poor working memory. CogMed-RM trains students to improve their working memory capacity through a series of computer tasks.

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Cognitive Credit Cards (CCC)

Learning strategy used to help students plan, monitor, and evaluate independently assigned work.

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Guided Notes

These notes are a type of advance organizer designed to help the student in grade 7 to 12 attend to, and organize, key points in lectures.

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Kidspiration 2 & Inspiration 7.5 Software

Mind mapping software is used to create a visual depiction of relationships between ideas or other pieces of information. It is also known as brainstorming. Shapes, colours, lines, arrows and images can be used to organize ideas.

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Learn and Force - Mnemonic Devices for Test Preparation

Mnemonic devices assist sudents in grade 7 to high school to remember strategies used in effective preparation for tests.

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Memory Strategies

Memory strategies assist students at all levels to store and recall information.

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This technique was developed to improve the grade 7 through 12 student's ability to get information from a text.

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Paragraph Writing

Paragraph writing is a succinct five sentence plan to assist students in grade 4 to high school produce a paragraph.

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A test-taking strategy comprised of a series of mnemonics that assist students in navigating their way through a test.

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Read, Encode, Annotate, Ponder (REAP)

REAP develops independent reading skills in children in grade 4 to 12 by encouraging the reader to put the main idea of the passage into his/her own words, both orally and in written form. It can be employed as a study technique, thereby assisting long term memory.

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SCORER is a strategy for assisting students in grade 7 to 12 organize their time and effort during a test or examination.

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Semantic Webbing

Semantic Webbing helps students at all levels organize information in a visual display. It assists in reading comprehension and concept attainment and in the setting of purpose for reading through prediction.

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Survey, Question, Read, (w)Rite, Review (SQ3R)

SQ3R is a five step methods devised by Robinson (1961) to assist students in Grade 7 and up in reading a chapter or article for comprehension or study purposes.

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Teaching Study Skills

Teaching Study Skills helps students in grade 7 to university prepare for tests and examinations by committing information to memory.

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TextHELP Read & Write Version 7

A Computer software used to assist individuals of all ages by improving their reading and writing difficulties through a wide set of features including reading, writing, research & problem solving and navigation features.

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Tools of the Mind

A research-based early childhood program that builds strong foundations for school success in preschool and kindergarten children by promoting their intentional and self-regulated learning.

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